domingo, 18 de junio de 2017

A data analysis of social characteristics of Basic and Secondary Education students in Ecuador

The objective of the study is to examine the social profile of Basic and Secondary Education students in Ecuador by means of a statistical analysis of this sector of the Ecuadorian population based on data from the National Survey of Employment, Unemployment and Underemployment from 2015. The variables investigated were: area, sex, age, language spoken, ethnic self-identification, condition of activity and inactivity, school enrollment, use of smartphone, use of computer during the last months, use of internet during the last 12 months, natural region, income poverty, occupational group and the level of happiness at work. The results of the study may be used as a tool for the development of the Basic and Secondary Education studies in Ecuador in accordance with the social profile and the needs of the students in the country.​

Ponencia presentada al VI Congreso Internacional de Educación y Aprendizaje, Università delle Tre Età en Milán, Italia (2017).

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